Vibrate yourself to a leaner you.

A quick, effective fitness program utilizing vertical vibration. Always led by a personal trainer who will motivate and encourage you.

how it works

A sophisticated exercise and therapeutic wellness machine that
uses vertical vibration technology to repair and strengthen
bone and muscle tissue.

✔ Results with minimal effort, less time and less stress on joints, tendons and ligaments

✔ Engages 99.9% of small and large muscle groups

✔ Increased oxygenations of the tissues improves the metabolic rate, decreasing fat and cellulite

✔ Enhanced blood flow and increased cell stimulation improves the integrity of the collagen matrix 

the results

fat reduction & weight loss

inch loss

increased muscle

lymph drainage


enhanced muscle and bone building

cellulite reduction

increased circulation

decreased cortisol levels

pain reduction

improved vitality and well being

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